Book Review: The Love Virus by Eleni Cay

From Goodreads: When Katie finds out that her increasingly unresponsive legs and extreme fatigue is due to Multiple Sclerosis, she rides an emotional rollercoaster – anger, denial and fear – when faced with a wheelchair-bound existence. She puts her studies at Oxford on hold, and she splits up from her fiancé, Mark, even though she still loves him. While undergoing treatment, Katie is diagnosed with MS2 – a virus that paralyses the mind. In hospital, Katie has to cope with her irritating bedfellows who argue constantly, and where she is treated by Dr Andrews, a handsome psychologist. The closer she gets to him however, the worse her pain becomes. Compounding Katie’s struggle is Mark, who returns to her bedside day after day. Once Katie begins Dr Andrews’ new experimental MS2 treatment, Mark can’t recognise her anymore. He begins to wonder if Katie will ever be cured.
Disclaimer: I received this book from the Author in exchange for a honest review
Published: Kindle Edition Published April 2020

My Thoughts: This story follows a girl named Katie who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she feels that her life is over and so she quits school and splits up with her fiance.
Then bad goes to worse when while getting treatment for her M.S. she is diagnosed with MS 2 which affects her brain.

Even though all of this is happening Katie’s family and her fiance Mark refuse to give up.
Love Virus is a very moving and heartfelt story that helps you see what this illness feels like from the protagonist’s perspective so that you get to see how it affects not just the family and friends but also how it affects Katie’s psyche too.
I will say that the writing style was a little too much like poetry for my liking but other than that this is a very good read!

I give this story ⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of five stars and I highly advise you to check this book out soon!

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